Syntax: alias (no argument)
Syntax: alias <alias> <command>;
Syntax: alias <alias> <command>; <next command>;

ALIAS is a system of storing a lengthy command or a series of commands within one keyword command. Players may define 1 alias for each level they attain
(e.g. a level 25 player may have 25 different aliases).

1. Typing "alias" without an argument lists a player's current defined aliases.

2. To define a simple alias, type: alias, the name of the alias (i.e. the keyword you'll use), the command, and a semicolon (;) such as: alias a1 get all bag;

3. To define a series of aliases type: alias, the name of the first alias, the command, a semicolon (;), the second command, a semicolon (;), etc. REMEMBER to always terminate the last command with a semicolon (;). Study the following examples:

alias hung get bread bag; eat bread; get cup bag; drink cup; put cup bag;

alias defense cast armor; cast shield; cast stone; cast 'protection evil';

For more info, ask a friendly IMM.

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