DESCRIPTION: Powerful brutes and bullies, the barbarians class is composed of the many varying nomadic peoples who inhabit the distant and desolate plains
of the Lost Unicorn. Barbarians are powerful warriors who live on the fringes of civilization. Although they lead a simple, rugged, and somewhat isolated
existence, some barbarians may leave their tribes and villages to explore the world. Despite this apparent break from tradition, barbarians possess a strong sense of bravery, courage, and honor to one's people or tribe. They live by the code of honor of their people, and although the code may be rigid and demand great loyalty, they staunchly and proudly adhere to it. They are skilled at hunting, running, tracking, and survival in the wild. Barbarians are skilled in many different weapon groups, though they especially prefer to use axes, flails, maces, spears, or swords. They also prefer to wear either mail or plate armor. The skills of the plains and desolate lands, despite their seeming ineffectualness in society, grant barbarians both the combative skills of the warrior and the magical abilities of their homeland.


backstab, dagger, disarm, dodge, hunt, pick lock, second attack, steal, combat, detection, enhancement, transportation, weather, enhanced damage

Because of their relatively high str. and con. stats, dwarves, drows, and humans make especially good barbarians. Hobbits and pixies are more ill-suited to this class.

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