Casting Magic

Syntax: cast "spell" "target"

This is the basic command for invoking magic in the Realm of the Lost Unicorn. It draws upon your own magical energy, or mana, to manifest a myriad of affects. A
spell must be practiced before a player may cast it. The more a spell is practiced the greater chance of success when casting. Casting spells costs mana points, but
the mana cost of each spell decreases as players gain levels. The is optional. Many spells that need targets will use an appropriate default target, especially during
combat. If the spell name is more than one word, players must use single quote marks to set off the spell name, such as in the following example: cast 'cure critic' bear
Quoting is optional for single word spells. Spell names can often be abbreviated. When casting an offensive spell, the victim usually gets a saving throw. The effect of the spell is thus reduced or eliminated if the victim makes the saving throw successfully.

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