DESCRIPTION: Celtics are taller than humans, ranging from 6'-7' tall and normally weigh between 120-210 lbs. They have high cheek bones and members of both sexes wear their hair long. Male Celtics, however, cannot grow facial hair. The Celtic's hair color is usually light: gray, white, blonde, or red. Celtics have an exceptionally long life span and get to be almost as old as elves. Celtics are very peaceful, and when left to their own ways normally live in small clans or villages. The relations between the clans are peaceful, because each clan is considered a branch of the Celtic family. They are usually unfriendly toward strangers but once they have accepted one, they treat them as a member of the clan. Celtics are very close to nature, which allows them an immunity to poison. Their knowledge of nature's mysteries enables them to move with great stealth and hide without being detected. Yet like in the same way that nature is often fragile, Celtics are susceptible
attacks by cold and fire. Lastly, their great age gives them an exceptionally high intelligence and wisdom which makes them resistant to magical attacks.

high intelligence and wisdom; immune to poison; resistant to magic attacks; permanently affected by sneak and hide

vulnerable to cold and fire

Because of their high int. and wis. stats, celtics make superior wizards, psionicists, shamans, bards, and druids. They also do very well as assassins, monks, and paladins, but struggle a bit as necromancers and alchemists.

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