DESCRIPTION: Centaurs are beings with the torso, arms, and head of a human, and the body of a large horse. They are typically peaceful, nature loving
creatures who strive to live in balance and harmony with their surroundings. Centaurs inhabit forests, secluded glades, and pastures near a fresh source of water. Highly social creatures, centaurs live in large family groups or tribes and mate for life. They are skilled horticulturists and spend their lives fishing, hunting, and raising their families. Although they occasionally trade with elves, they usually shun humans and dwarves. Some centaurs, however, may leave their family groups to adventure and discover the wonders of the world. Despite their peaceful demeanor, centaurs can react violently and are terrible foes in battle. Being extremely quick, they are
permanently affected by haste and go berserk in battle. However, centaurs are known to heal slowly. Centaurs in the universe of the Lost Unicorn range in height from 6.5 to 10 feet, weigh between 960 and 1120 lbs, and can live in excess of 75 years. They can wield a variety of weapons, but prefer to use bows, crossbows, clubs, or lances. Centaurs are naturally resistant to poison and disease, and their tough hides block all attacks made with blunt weapons. They have difficulty navigating in underground passages, and fear dragons and giants. Centaurs are blessed with very high strength, but are average in all other statistics.

high strength; immune to bash; resistant to poison and disease; permanently affected by haste and berserk


The exceptional str. and abilities of the centaur make them excellent gladiators, cavaliers, necromancers, and alchemists. Because of their permanent haste and berserk abilities, however, they make poorer wizards and psionicists.

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