Players in the universe of the Lost Unicorn use various channels to communicate with each other. Proper channel use is monitored and all players should learn which channels to use in given situations. Players should use some channels as 'in-character' (ie in the voice of the character that they are playing, with no reference to the 'real world') and others 'out-of-character'. Avoid using public channels (gossip, ooc, etc.) to discuss and debate private matters; swearing or using "cuss" words on public channels is also forbidden. Certain channels cost energy points in order to use them, while others have synonyms or "typing short-cuts" which make them easier to use. Type the name of any channel to toggle it on/off.

Syntax: Channel

In addition, type channel with no augments shows you a list of what channels you have access to, their status, and how much energy they cost.

LIST OF CHANNELS: answer, auction, commune, emote, gtell, gocial(91+), gossip, grats, music, ooc, pray(keyword:pray-channel), question, remtalk, reply, shout(92+), tell, temote, whisper, yell

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