DESCRIPTION: Immortals are not a celibate group. Far from it. Many have been known to marry and/or take lovers. Children often result from these unions. Because of the immortal blood flowing in their veins, these children are unlike any others in the universe of the Lost Unicorn. For some reason, these children actually form a different race: the Chi'nar. The chi'nar appear human in all respects, yet they tend to be exceptional humans, often hailed as geniuses by other races. Chi'nar are as varied as humans as well. Some are good and some are evil. But they all have the "life of the Immortals" inside them. This "life" gives them exceptional potential in all
statistics as well as a very strong sensory perception of the world.

high max stats; immune to poison and mental attacks; permanently affected by detect good, detect evil, detect magic, detect invisible, detect hidden

low overall beginning stats

Because of their superior max. stats, the chi'nar do very well in any class. Their low beginning stats, however, cause them to struggle at lower levels.

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