DESCRIPTION: Immortals and gods often have their own unfathomable yet vested interests in the affairs of mortals. Often direct interference is impractical
and ineffective. So, long ago, the gods created the class of clerics. These warriors, who forgo edged weapons for their faith, are granted various healing
and beneficial magic abilities by their gods in exchange for efforts on the gods' behalf. Militant priests, clerics often serve as temple knights, defenders of a faith, or guardians of holy places. Some clerics subscribe to long dead, legendary gods who will grant magic but have little real interest in the affairs of mortals. As such, they never grant favors or ask them for assistance. Other clerics prefer lesser, but more involved and visible gods who grant personal favors but ask that their names appear in titles and sometimes ask favors in return. Clerics are sturdy soldiers who possess good fighting and healing skills. **NOTE: Those players who wish to become clerics of active gods should discuss it with that god's Chosen One. Tests may be given and favors, rules, or arrangements may be specified. All arrangements
are subject to the approval of the Hierarchs.


flail, mace, shield block, attack, benedictions, creation, curative, detection, healing, protective

Dwarves, goblins, and pixies make the most successful clerics, while giants, drows, draconians, and ursas have more difficulties mastering the finer points of the profession.

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