Players who die are reincarnated in the Hallway of Faith in LUN Village. A player's corpse, however, is left behind in the place where death occurred with any equipment worn or carried. A player's gold in the bank is not affected. (The gods want players to have their gold). Death cancels any spells that were affecting a player. Following and groups are not affected by death. Players lose experience points for dying; specifically players lose half of the experience points of their current level. Death will never cause a player to drop a level. Corpses decay after time, and the objects inside corpses decay with them. Player corpses last "roughly" 30 hours of game time (15 minutes of real time). ONLY the player who died, or someone in the same group, can retrieve objects from a player's corpse.

NOTE: Before asking for help in retrieving your corpse, it is expected that you will make every attempt on your own to obtain it.

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