DESCRIPTION: Demons were one of the first creatures formed from the primordial mists of the world. Their true essence is a complete enigma to the mortals of the realm; all that is truly known is that they represent malicious chaos in its truest form. To the mortals of the world, they appear evil and destructive because demons attempt to eradicate the ordered works of mortals. Because of their chaotic nature, demons have no definite shape or size. They are rather creatures of shifting patterns of pure energy and spirit who are permanently affected by sanctuary and flying; they are thus difficult to hit during battle. Demons are capable of transforming themselves into the vague shape of any race. Keen observers of demons in such a guise will note, however, that they have blurry eyes that lack color or shape. Demons are intelligent and wise. They are immune to negative forces, and highly resistant to fire and poison. However, holy powers from the heavens can
cause great damage to these beasts. They normally join evil religions.

high intelligence and wisdom; immune to negative forces; resistant to fire and poison; permanently affected by flying and sanctuary

vulnerable to holy attacks

The high int. and wis. stats of demons make them prime candidates for wizards, psionicists, necromancers, alchemists, and druids. Demons have some trouble because of their lower str. and con. stats., however, with the physical training required for the assassin, monk, and cavalier classes

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