Syntax: desctitle <string>

DESCTITLE sets a player's desctitle to a given string, or changes their desctitle to a new one. The desctitle is the information added to a player's name that another player sees when the two meet in a room. A desctitle should reflect what the character "is", and NOT what the character is "doing" or "feeling". What the character "is" can be reflected in physical desctitles, reputation desctitles, or nickname desctitles. Players must avoid overtly silly or inappropriate desctitles (e.g. sexual references). Also note that you should not include a period (.) at the end of your desctitle. Your desctitle is actually ends in the middle of a sentence. For example,
desctitle the bold yields Jorg the bold is resting here. whenever another walks in the room. If your desctitle is deemed inappropriate by an Immortal and you are asked to change it, kindly do so. Study the examples below.


Jorg is searching for his long-lost brother.
Jorg wishes he could become a god too.
Jorg believes that he needs new leggings.

The problem with these sorts of desctitles is obvious. When entering a room, characters will see, for example: "Jorg is searching for his long-lost brother. is here." Characters who do not know Jorg would not instinctively know what Jorg is doing, thinking, or feeling. Rather, they would notice physical descriptions, or perhaps know something of Jorg's reputation. Examples of appropriate desctitles are below:


Jorg the nimble hobbit footpad
Jorg the Black Knight
Jorg the Destroyer
Jorg the Shadow Lord

It is expected that all characters will keep their desctitles new and interesting. Players are also encouraged to update their desctitles to reflect their increasingly improved physical presence or reputation.

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