DESCRIPTION: Dragons are an ancient race, perhaps the first to appear in the land of the Lost Unicorn. They are huge, reptilian creatures with iron hard scales and gigantic wings. Although only several feet at birth, dragons can attain upwards of 100 feet in length when full grown. Although they typically live a solitary life, dragons are fearsome predators whose covetous proclivities infuse them with a strong need to gain enormous amounts of riches. They have an excellent sense of smell, sight, and hearing. Dragons can fly, and have a special property in their blood which gives them the ability to naturally regenerate health. They typically live in lairs, caves,
or abandoned castles far from civilization. Dragons have the ability to breathe various weapons from their mouth, such as fire, gas, and acid, and thus cause fear and panic in their victims. Their thick scales give them natural resistance to fire and weapons, but magic can cause them extreme pain. Dragons are average in all statistics.

immune to fire; resistant to weapon attack; permanently affected by flying and regeneration

vulnerable to magic attacks

Dragons do well in all classes, but because of their immense size, they struggle somewhat as assassins and bards.

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