1. Any player can challenge another player to a duel. Players may only duel 2 times per system day.
2. Both players must completely agree to participate in the duel.
3. Players who agree to duel must contact an IMM of Temporal2 or higher; this IMM will serve as witness/mediator for the duration of the duel.
4. The IMM collects a) 50,000 gold coins and b) one item of equipment or object from each player; these items form the "ante." The "ante" is the prize gained by the winner of the duel. Each player must agree upon the other player's equipment/object donation to the ante. If the players cannot agree upon these items they cannot duel.
5. Dueling can only occur and is only legal in the Dueling Room. After the above conditions have been met, the IMM must first 'goto' the room, and use the 'dueltrans <player>' to transfer players.
6. Once the challengers have been transferred to the Dueling Room, the IMM should ask if both parties are ready, indicate that the duel will commence upon the utterance "begin", and finally say "begin.
7. At the completion of the duel, the IMM should:
a. get the loser's corpse,
b. give the winning player the ante prize congratulate him/her/it,
c. remove the winner from the room using the command 'duelbacktrans <player>',
d. return the corpse to the losing player, and
e. log the duel's results using the 'comment' command as follows: 'comment Bob. vs. Joe: Bob won.' DON'T FORGET TO LOG DUELS.

Note: THERE ARE NO WITNESSES PERMITTED TO A DUEL. There should never be more than three people in the dueling room. The two parties and the imm mediator. The purpose of dueling is to settle differences, not to allow people to indulge their sick Columbine indulgences.

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