DESCRIPTION: Dwarves are short and muscular humanoids who usually inhabit caves or build dwellings inside of mountains or near profitable mines. Indeed, many dwarves live in vast underground cities that boast hundreds of rooms, passages, antechambers, and treasure vaults. Dwarves in the universe of the Lost Unicorn average 4 feet in height, typically weigh between 125 and 180 lbs., and can live in excess of 350 years. Their skin is a dark tan in color, they usually have brown eyes, and can have black, brown, or gray hair. In addition, male dwarves normally grow beards. They tend to dress in heavy somber garments of earth tones or wear armor of iron or steel. They also tend to wear little jewelry. Dwarves are usually stoic isolationists with strong ties to family and friends. They are extremely hard working and courageous. Their lust for gold, silver, and treasure renders dwarves natural adventurers. They are skilled miners and metal workers who make exceptionally good goldsmiths, blacksmiths, and gem cutters. Dwarves greatly enjoy good food and drink, and spend much of their leisure time exchanging stories and signing tales of legendary heroes, famous deeds of valor, romantic loves, and terrible dragons. Dwarves are adept at mastering many weapon groups, but have a penchant for the axe, battle axe, and short sword..

resistant to magic, poison, and disease; permanently affected by infrared vision

low intelligence; the sturdy and dense build of dwarves make them especially vunerable to drowning


Their high maximum strength and constitution stats makes dwarves especially good warriors, clerics, or priests, barbarians or mercenaries. However, their lower dexterity and intelligence stats--due in part to an adventursome spirit, which makes it difficult for them to spend the long hours needed to study magic, and makes them less effective mages and mystics

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