DESCRIPTION: Taller than dwarves and more slender than humans, elves are a humanoid race noted for their long life spans. Elves have finely chiseled features, deep green eyes, and pale skin. Elves in the universe of the Lost Unicorn typically weigh between 70 and 120 lbs, are 5 to 5.5 feet tall, and can live in excess of 1,200 years. They prefer to wear clothes of blue, green, and light brown, and frequently wrap themselves in green cloaks so as to better avoid detection. Elves prefer to live in natural settings, such as forests and tree groves. Because they value individual freedom, they usually live in groups of no more than 200 individuals. Elves are fascinated by magic, and are able to create wondrous magical items. They resist charm spells most effectively, due to their magical nature and strong will, but they lack the strength and stamina of other races. They are nonetheless more agile, both in body and mind than many other races. Elves are burned by the
touch of iron, and so are barred from the use of iron or steel in their adventuring careers. Although elves value friendship, they find that making friends from other races is difficult, perhaps because of their ancient life spans. In addition, elves distrust dwarves and usually prefer to avoid contact with them, perhaps because unlike dwarves, elves place little value on short term gains. Most elves serve allegiance to a king or queen of their race. They produce wonderfully fine clothing, poetry, and music, as well as bows and crossbows with which they are very proficient.

resistant to charm; permanently affected by infrared vision

low strength and constitution; vulnerable to iron

hide, sneak

Because of their high intellignece and dexterity, Elves make especially good mages, mystics, thieves, warlocks, and warlords. However, their lower strength and constitution stats and their vunerability to iron make them somewhat less effective clerics, warriors, and rangers.

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