Ethos, in the strictest terms, is the understanding of society and relation- ships and of how a person might fit into those elements. Ethos is divided into three opposing
beliefs: law, chaos, and neutrality. These three separate beliefs form the basis of an individual's attitude towards order and chaos. They are also the first factor in any
religious alignment. A character might be lawful-good or chaotic-evil. Alignment and ethos are what define characters' general tendencies to deal with situations.
Alignment consists of good, neutral, and evil; ethos consists of lawful, neutral, and chaotic. Please read the file below, and then consult help lawful, help neutral, and
help chaotic for more specific info. Additional info. can be found by consulting help alignment and help role-play.

LAWFUL characters believe that order, organization, and society are vital forces of the universe. It is their belief that laws should be made and followed, if only to have understandable rules for society. Individuals should not pursue personal vendettas, but instead, should present their claims to the proper authorities and allow them to decide. It is their belief that "strength" comes from unity of action. See help lawful for descriptions of lawful-good, lawful-neutral, and lawful-evil.
NEUTRAL characters tend to take a more balanced view of things. It is their belief that for every force in the universe, there an opposite force also exists. Where there is lawfulness, there is also chaos; where there is neutrality, there is also partisanship. What is important is that all these forces remain in balance with one another. While neutral individuals know that both law and chaos exists, they attempt not to sway in either direction if possible, but if they do, they seek to be balanced by alternating sides to seek this sense of balance. See help neutral for descriptions of neutral- good, true-neutral, and neutral-evil.
CHAOTIC characters hold that there is no preordained order or careful balance of forces in the universe. Instead they see the universe as a collection of things and
events, some are related to one another and others are completely independent. They recognize the function in society in protecting their individual rights. They are
sometimes hard to govern as a group, since they place their own needs and desires above those of society. See help chaotic for descriptions of chaotic-good,
chaotic-neutral, and chaotic-evil.

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