DESCRIPTION: Originally carved from rock into the forms of grotesque creatures, humans, and animals, and then enchanted with the gift of life, gargoyles are typically ferocious hunters and fighters. Gargoyles in the universe of the Lost Unicorn typically stand 6 feet tall, and their aggressive nature causes them to attack anything, good or evil. Their favorite attack strategy is to assume the pose of a statue, and then to surprise and pounce on their unsuspecting victims. Gargoyles live in small groups, hoard treasure collected from their victims, and commonly join chaotic religions. Their wings allow them to fly, and they have the ability to detect anything hidden. Their magical nature allows them great protection from poison and disease. However, they are very vulnerable to acid-based attacks, and mental forces can
also cause them extreme damage. Gargoyles have a very high strength, but their dexterity and mental abilities are not as keenly developed.

high constitution; immune to poison; resistant to disease; permanently affected by stone skin, flying, and detect hidden

vulnerable to acid and mental attacks

Gargoyles' high str. and con. stats and natural abilities make them superior gladiators and cavaliers, and fairly good bards, druids, and paladins. Because of their dim intellect, however, they have great difficulty in mastering the skills required for wizards and psionicists, and struggle as necromancers and alchemists.

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