DESCRIPTION: Barbaric in appearance, giants are the largest of the primary races, ranging from 9-16 feet in height. Giants in the universe of the Lost Unicorn are characterized by huge arms, stooped shoulders, and low foreheads. They possess a massive musculature and can weigh between 3,000 and 4,800 lbs. They have a long life span and can live in excess of 200 years. Giants typically have brown or black hair, and black eyes. They normally live extended family groups or tribes in caves, dens, or primitive shacks. They aren't too bright and their huge size makes them more clumsy than other races. They are suspicious of magic, and although they tend to shun the company of other races, they will from time to time trade with others for food and trinkets. They have huge appetites, and especially enjoy a tasty young dragon when they can get it. Giants make the best warriors of any race, but are ill-suited for most other professions. Giants resist heat and cold with nary a
mark, due to their huge mass. However, their slow minds make them extremely vulnerable to mental attacks.

high strength; resistant to fire and cold attacks

low intelligence and dexterity; vunerable to mental and lightning attacks

bash (Giant warriors only), fast healing

Because of their high strength and constitution stats, Giants make good warriors and rangers. Their slow mental abilities, however, make them ill-suited to the mage, mystic, cleric, and priest classes.

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