DESCRIPTION: Small, dirty cousins of dwarves, goblins in the universe of the Lost Unicorn are pitiful creatures who typically live in dark caves and woodland areas. They have flat faces, broad noses, pointed ears, bright red eyes, and sharp fangs. They range in height from 3.5 to 4.5 feet, typically weigh between 68 and 85 lbs., and can live in excess of 50 years. Goblins usually shun sunlight and typically spoil their habitat. They mistrust others and avoid contact with dwarves and other humanoids. Their society is hierarchical; they live in tribes and sometimes have slaves. They are decent miners, and when they live underground, they create intricate maze-like
tunnels that are difficult to navigate. For some inexplicable reason, magic works poorly on them and their poor hygiene makes them resistant to disease, but susceptible to poison. They can see hidden objects or creatures and also see in the infrared. Their best strengths are their kicking skills and their inordinately high dexterity. Goblins prefer to wield weapons that require little training, such as spears, maces, and short swords.

high strength and dexterity; resistant to magic and disease; permanently affected by detect hidden and infrared vision

low intelligence; vunerable to poison

hide, kick

Goblins make excellent warriors, rangers, clerics, and priests. Their high dexterity and special skills make them good thieves. However, their slow intellect makes it difficult for them to try the study of magic required to exceed as mages and mystics.

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