High Court


A. The COURT of LORDS will hear the following kinds of Cases:

1) Those cases that are deemed to be OOC crimes.
2) Those cases involving Immortals or Heroes.
3) Any and all appeals of the lower courts.

B. The COURT of LORDS is the most powerful court in the land. It has jurisdiction over all other courts. For that reason it has several powers that are particular to its jurisdiction. The COURT of LORDS can reverse, ignore, enforce, or throw out any case that is heard by a lower court at is discretion. The COURT of LORDS can also force the Sheriff to appear for an appeal, or appeal any case that is heard by a lower court. The COURT of LORDS, and only the COURT, has the ability
to impose the following punishments:
1) Delete a character.
2) Ban a site.
3) Change a character's password and withhold that information from that player.
4) Any punishment a lower court can impose.
5) Any other punishment that is deemed necessary.


A. The COURT of LORDS consists of the following individuals:

1) The Judge will be a Hierarch level Immortal. This person will be the ultimate authority of the court.
2) The Prosecutor for any case that appears in the COURT will be the Sheriff.
3) The Defendant may have council in any case heard by the COURT, but only have an Immortal or Hero as that attorney.
4) A Jury of citizens will be assembled if the case is tried.

B. Cases tried by formal hearing will be much more common but will run in accordance with the help trial stipulations.

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