DESCRIPTION: Small, nimble humanoids with big feet, keen eyesight, quick fingers, and a large heart and appetite, hobbits are outgoing and hard working. In the universe of the Lost Unicorn, they typically weigh between 60 and 75 lbs, stand approximately 3 feet in height, and can live in excess of 150 years. They have normally have brown or sandy colored hair and hazel eyes. They prefer to wear bright but sensible clothes such as caps, tunics, and capes, and commonly don armor of leather or fine chain mail. Hobbits live in tidy, cheerful, well-furnished homes usually excavated into the sides of small hills. Their homes are grouped into villages of between 30 and 300 inhabitants. They greatly enjoy farming, gardening, hunting, eating, singing, and exchanging tales of adventure. Their intelligence gives them resistance
to mental attacks and their small stature natural dexterity gives them permanent sneak. They also have natural hiding and meditation skills. Hobbits are normally a peaceful race, but when required, they do battle with great ferocity.

high intelligence and dexterity; resistant to mental attacks; permanently affected by sneak

vunerable to negative forces

hide, meditation

Hobbits' high intelligence and dexterity stats makes them excellent mages, mystics, warriors, dilettantes, warlocks, and warlords. Their special skills also make them good thieves. Their small stature gives them trouble, however, as barbarians, mercenaries, and rangers.

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