IC Rules

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!!
Be it here by known by all that, from this day forward by decree of the gods, the following are the laws of the land, and apply to any who may venture within our borders. They are divided into two categories, which will be explained in the next section. May justice be swift, though the heavens may fall.

High crimes are arrestable offenses. Offenders will be held in jail until such time as a trial can be arranged. In certain cases, a request for bail will be honored. If requested, it will be judged on severity of the crime, willingness to comply, and will be set by consensus of immortals present at the time of arrest. At the earliest possible time, a trial composed of an immortal judge (currently Daeron) and a jury of the defendants peers will be convened to determine the innocense or guilt or
the party or parties in question. The crimes in this category include:

Murder (cold)
-Preplanned or cold blooded murder.

Murder (hot)
-Killing in the heat of passion, without prior planning or consideration

Manslaughter (accidental death)
-When a person causes death to someone by not showing the proper amount of care (Leading someone to their death, etc.)

Conspiracy to commit Murder
-Helping in planning or implementation of a murder.

Aggravated Assault
-Attacking a player or pet without actually killing him/her/it.

Grand Theft
-The "Theft" (as defined below) of any property, be it from an individual otherwise, valued at or above 100,000 gold. In cases where more than one person is involved, they prosecuting party must choose a representative to officially bring the charges.

-Stealing, from a person, a person's corpse, a person's presence or any room belonging specifically to said person, items, gold or property, clearly belonging to that person (as evidenced through words or deeds) valued at less than 100,000 gold coins.

Conspiracy to commit Theft
-Helping in planning or implementation of a theft.

Contempt of Court
-Failing to show for court and/or failing to listen to the Judge.

Misdemeanors are crimes that, while serious, do not warrant a formal trial. For primary offenses, the arresting officer will determine a settlement based on consultation with the involved parties, and the facts available at the time. Basically, a plea bargain is arranged to the best ability of those involved. However, when the ruling is made, it is set. If either party wishes to contest, bail will be arranged as described above and a trial will be convened. No jury will be called for such a trial, and the judges decision will be final.

-Profaning or transgression against an ancient god or current immortal

-Interfering with anothers corpse. (illegal summoning, etc.)

-Public speech which causes another to commit a crime.

Interference with Criminal Justice
-Stopping or interfering with the work of a Sheriff or DA.

Criminal Mischief
-Miscellaneous evil acts. (moving mobs, plague in Village, etc.)

Interference with a Fair Fight
-Interfering with a fight (spelling up mobs, healing mobs, etc.)

Criminal Annoyance
-Tell bombing, harassment, spamming, etc.

Please remember that these are IC crimes, not OOC crimes. Read help punishment to see a chart of punishments for these crimes. If you feel you have been
unfairly treated, please see help appeal. Remember to respect you neighbor.

Sheriff of the Realm

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