Legal Terms

1) Out of Character Crimes (OCC Crimes). In general a crime that would in some way injure the player rather than the character. Often these crimes deal with respect for immortals and mud image related issues. They can also be actions taken for purely personal player reasons rather than character reasons. Normally the punishments for such crimes are meant to be an extreme deterrent for their use. Examples of ooc crimes are: theft, murder, insulting an immortal, and swearing on public channels. The definition of such crimes is decided by the mud administration.

2) In Character Crimes (IC Crimes). Crimes that have been determined to be character action related. Often these crimes are in the spirit of role-play. They are sometimes silly and sometimes very serious. The punishments for these crimes can be wacky and wild or they can be similar to ooc type punishments. Examples of such crimes are: corpse looting, leading a player to death, and any and all ooc crimes. These crimes are in constant development and are created by a council of one representative from each religion.

3) Deputy. See help deputy.

4) Sheriff. See help sheriff.

5) Rules. These are the laws that govern mortals. Violations of them lead to ic and ooc crimes.

6) Laws. These are the laws that govern immortals. Violations of them lead to ic and ooc crimes.

7) Legal Process. How victims and criminals solve problems relating to violations of the rules and laws. .

8) Court. The persons involved and the location where guilt or innocence is decided concerning violations of the rules and/or laws.

9) Trial. The process by which guilt or innocence is determined.

10) Indictment. Charging an individual with a crime. This is done once the sheriff's office believes that a particular suspect has actually committed a crime. This leads to the scheduling of a court date for the appropriate court.

11) Legal Rights. Privileges offered by the administration of the mud to the players or characters concerning proper prosecution of the rules and laws.

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