Getting married in the world of LUN is an in-character chance to further and perpetuate role-playing. It is a voluntary and free union of two individuals. The following information is helpful in beginning, implementing, and ending LUN marriages.

Please Note: These procedures are subsidiary to all other LUN rules. Harassment, either for proposals or of one's spouse, will not be tolerated. Also, all of these procedures, unlike most LUN rules, are semi-flexible. Substitutions, with approval, ARE allowed.

1. P R O P O S I N G
The typical proposal is for one potential spouse to request marriage of the other, usually accompanying the request with a ring or other symbol of engagement. This has ranged from "tell <subject> hey you feel like getting married?" or even "gossip I want to get married. Any takers?" to a large, elaborate engagement event/party witnessed by many people. However, the underlying purpose--two characters freely and openly agreeing to join their lives--must be met.

2. R E A S O N S F O R M A R R I A G E
Why get married? The reasons are many. Marriage motivations have been common to strange and unusual. Some examples have included: for help in gaining levels (OOC); love (OOC); love (IC); religion (IC); and many others. Couples considering marriage should examine their reasons jointly and express them to each other with complete honesty. Clear, open communication early in the consideration can prevent hurt feelings and even divorce later on.

Most importantly, each couple should outline for each other what the marital duties and expectations will include and involve. If couples marry for reasons that greatly differ, and they do not discuss their expectations prior to the ceremony, they may find hard times in their relationship ahead. As a general rule, the more open and honest the communication, the better the chance for success.

3. M A R R I A G E R E Q U I R E M E N T S and C E R E M O N I E S
Marriages should be performed by the LUN minister or by an alternate minister (usually Allexia). From a legal standpoint, any marriage meeting the minimum
ceremony requirements and witnessed by an immortal of Celestial Rank or higher will be recognized, no matter who performs the ceremony. However, it is in the couple's best interests to seek the minister or alternate, as they can provide special equipment, MUDwide fanfare, and exceptional subsidiary events (receptions, bachelor/ette parties, etc.)

Ceremonies have only two small requirements to be considered legal. The couple must swear a vow/oath of loyalty to one another before the minister, alternate, or in the presence of a Celestial or higher Immortal. The couple must also exchange wearable tokens of this vow/oath to remind themselves and inform others of their promise.

4. B E N E F I T S O F M A R R I A G E
Marriage should be considered its own benefit. Marriage for other benefits should be considered carefully. Current coded benefits are non-existent but some are planned to be coded in the future.

5. D I V O R C E
Ending a marriage is a sorrowful event. It is usually due to a miscommunication at the beginning of the union or due to a change after the marriage has been recognized. Reasons for divorce include: insufficient on-line time (OOC); non-performance of previously agreed upon marital duties (IC); loss of love (IC); loss of love (OOC); adultery (IC); and many more. If a marriage is beyond repair, the appropriate step is divorce.

Divorce in LUN is a legal matter and must be handled by the Sheriff of the Land. One or both spouses should petition the Sheriff and the civil court for dissolution of the union. The court will give the couple further instructions as necessary.

6. C O N C L U S I O N
Marriage in LUN can be a rewarding and exciting IC event. It is not mandatory and many reasonably choose not to participate. But, if you do and you find a compatible spouse, you might find true IC happiness.

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