Mind Flayer


DESCRIPTION: Hideous and vile, the mind flayer--or Illithid--is a carnivorous being from the darkest depths of the Land of the Lost Unicorn. Although they
begin life as mere tad poles, mind-flayers can stand over 6' tall when fully grown. They have slimy, mauve skin and a head resembling that of an octopus. Four tentacles surround the Illithid's mouth, and their large, white eyes contain no pupils. Mind-flayers devour the brains of their stunned victims. They typically dress in long, flowing robes and spend their leisure time eating and debating the best methods of combat. Although they have no family structure, they frequently live in large, underground cities. The illithid typicall join lawful religions. Being very strong in mental abilities, flayers resist mental powers and magic well. However, their soft skin is
vulnerable to weapons. Flayers can live in excess of 125 years, are permanently levitating, and can see magic and invisible.

high intelligence, wisdom, and constitution; immune to mental attacks; resistant to magic attacks; permanently affected by detect magic, detect invis, and flying

vulnerable to slashing and piercing

Mind-flayers' high int., wis., and con. stats, and special abilities make them excellent monks, bards, druids, and paladins. However, their lower dexterity and vulnerabilities make them poorer wizards, psionicists, necromancers, and alchemists.

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