DESCRIPTION: Minotaurs are humanoids with the head of a bull and the torso and lower body of a human. They are either individuals cursed for crimes against the natural order, or the offspring of humans and bulls. More animal than human, these solitary beings live in caves, forests, or among the ruins of temples of castles. In the universe of the Lost Unicorn, minotaurs range in height between 6.5 and 8 feet, weigh between 350 and 500 lbs, and can live to be 150 years old. They commonly have brown or black skin, and wear minimal clothing: loin clothes or skins. Minotaurs are very strong, dexterous, and stubborn creatures who battle with intense determination and fierceness; they view surrender as a serious weakness. They move so quickly that they can appear and disappear from rooms without the slightest sound. Minotaurs prefer to wield axes, clubs, and flails, and have the advantage of being immune to attempts of disarming. They are also immune to charming, and
resistant to piercing and slicing weapons. However, blunt weapons can cause minotaurs great harm to them, and they fear spell casters. They frequently join chaotic or evil religions.

high dexterity; immune to charm; resistant to piercing and slashing; permanently affected by death grip and sneak

vulnerable to bash

The large size and skills of the minotaur make them excellent gladiators, cavaliers, druids, and paladins. They struggle, however, as wizards, psionicists, necromancers, and alchemists.

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