DESCRIPTION: Monks are cloistered priests who seek enlightenment through intense physical and spiritual training. They adhere to a regimen of meditation, bodily exercise, and daily diet in order to better guide their minds and bodies toward an intimate understanding of the universe. They are exceptionally skilled fighters but have no magical spell abilities. Because of their rigorous physical training and mastery of mind over body, monks are especially skilled in unarmed combat (i.e. hand-to-hand), possess exceptional dexterity, and naturally lower armor classes. Yet, because their preferred hand-to-hand combat style requires uninhibited mobility, they frequently have trouble wearing bulky armor. They thus prefer to wear armors made of leather or animal hides. Monks normally live according to a rigid code of self-inflicted poverty. Moreover they abhor greed as it detracts from their desire to live purely, and as such, they donate much of the gold and treasure they gain through adventuring to their religions and to the poor, saving only what is required to maintain their existence. They also normally prefer--perhaps
because of their strict lifestyle of exercise, study, rest, and diet--to join only lawfully aligned religions.

backstab, bash, berserk, circle, dirt kicking, disarm, dodge, enhanced damage, fast healing, fifth attack, fourth attack, hand to hand, hide, hunt, kick, parry, peek, pick lock, meditation, rescue, second attack, shield block, sneak, steal, third attack, trip, weaponsmaster

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