DESCRIPTION: Mord'siths are a very rare breed of humans that exist on LUN. Not too long ago, Mord'siths were hunted down by people who were scared
of their immunity to magic. As a result, very few Mord'siths currently exist. Mord'siths resemble humans in most ways, save that a blue crescent moon appears between their brows when they reach the age of one. Mord'sith is a reliable race to have in a group of fighters, for they can withstand the target's offensive spells. At the same time, however, their immunity to magic prevents them from gaining the benefits of healing spells. The intelligence and strength of Mord'siths allows them to be able to pick any profession and live normal lives. The genocide of Mord'siths has died off in recent years, but resistance to this race still lingers among many in LUN's population.

high intelligence; immune to ALL magic; resistant to mental attacks; permanently affected by detect magic

immune to ALL magic (even beneficial magic such as healing, giant strength, armor, etc.); vulnerable to weapon attacks

The high int. and wis. of the mord'sith makes them superior wizards, psionicists, shamans, bards, and druids. But their vulnerabilities give them difficulties as gladiators, cavaliers, necromancers, and alchemists.

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