DESCRIPTION: A subgroup of mages that are trained at only one school in the world, mystics are trained in the arts of battle and war. There is no greater
ally or fearsome foe in combat than a member of this class.

Long ago, a brother and sister found their family killed and their village destroyed by the army of an opposing nation. Embittered, they apprenticed to a mage to gain the means for their revenge. Upon graduation from his service, the siblings embarked on their revenge. They destroyed their enemy and brought the nation to its knees, but not without great personal and physical cost. Both were left maimed and nearly crippled for life due to their inability to defend themselves physically. After this, the two founded the mystic school. They hired a small band of warriors to protect them and the school and soon, the fighters were training the students along side the mages.

Mystics are thus taught the use of weapons and physical combat along with the spells of combat and battle (the only schools of magic the two siblings ever truly mastered). They are skilled in etiquette, languages, religions, history, and writing. Mystics can, without a doubt, be very useful in a fight, but they sometimes become bored with simple adventuring.

bash, dagger, enhanced damage, polearm, rescue, second attack, shield block, sword, trip, attack, combat, harmful, protective

Elves, hobbits, drows, and pixies make up most of the members of the mystic class. Dwarves, goblins, draconians, ghosts, and dervish tend to make less successful mystics, while giants and ursas struggle greatly at the profession.

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