The descriptions below are only to be used as "guidelines" to help players develop their character's persona. Players should remember that the religious laws and rules
within their own religion will have the final word on behavior in that alignment, and that the rules of LUN are to be followed always.

NEUTRAL-GOOD characters believe that a balance of forces is important, but the concerns of law and chaos do not moderate the need for good. If fostering good
means supporting organized society, then that is what must be done. If good can only come about through the overthrow of an existing social order, then so be it. Social
order has no innate value to neutral-good characters. The only thing that is important is "good".
TRUE-NEUTRAL characters believe in the ultimate balance of forces, and they refuse to see their actions as either good or evil. True neutrals do their best to avoid
siding with the forces of either good or evil, law or chaos. It is their duty to see that all of these forces remain in balance contention. True neutral characters often find
themselves in peculiar alliances. To a great extent, they are compelled to side with the underdog of any given situation so as to not let one "force" hold sway over
NEUTRAL-EVIL characters are primarily concerned with themselves and their own advancement. They have no particular preference in working with others or, for that matter, adventuring alone. Their only interest is getting ahead. If there is a quick and easy way to gain profit, whether it be legal, questionable, or obviously illegal, they take advantage of it. Although neutral-evil characters do not have the "every-man-for-himself" attitude of chaotic characters, they have no qualms about betraying their friends and companions for personal gain. They typically base their allegiances on power and money

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