OOC Rules

All OOC rules are enforced by the immortals of LUN. If you are given an instruction by an imm, you are expected to follow it. Failure to do so is, in itself, an OOC crime. Immortals are familiar with the rules and appropriate punishments.

Stealing from another player, including the steal command, taking equipment lying at a persons feet, or any other method of taking another's property will be punished by the Gods.

Player Killing is not technically against OOC rules if done for IC purposes. If a the murder is committed 100% IC and is enforced in the IC courts, the perpetrator will not be punished OOC. However, serial killing, OOC based murders and other mismanagement of the IC allowable killing can and will be punished OOC.

Harassing or hassling other players is prohibited. Please try and respect others. Sexual harassment, racial or other intolerant attitudes in any form will not be tolerated. Harassment is punishable by deletion, or if repeated despite warnings, player will be banned from LUN.

You may create more than one character on LUN. However, logging in more than one of your characters at the same time (multi-loging) is prohibited. In
addition, helping one of your other characters to obtain equipment, to level, etc. is forbidden.

Cheating is prohibited. Examples of cheating include: accepting favors from Immortals and exploiting bugs. If you find a bug, report it, then do not use it.

Players may only group with other players who are 8 levels above or 8 levels below their own current level. Thus, a level 20 player may only group with others who are levels 12-28. In addition, no player may "soften up" a mob for another player. Softening up means attacking a mob until it has very few hit points left, then fleeing or leaving the scene so that a lower level player or group may more easily kill it. This rule is automatically enforced by the mud code.

Requests for help should be rare, especially on global channels. Frequent or incessant requests for assistance with corpse retrieval or obtaining equipment is defined on LUN as "whining" and is officially prohibited. Whining is punishable by NOCHANNELing, and if repeated, denial of that character. Immortals are instructed not to assist "whiners"; players should thus understand if an Immortal refuses to help them. See help immortals foradditional info.

A. Foul and/or abusive language will not be tolerated on LUN from anyone, including gods. This includes using any "cuss" or swear words on public channels. More importantly, this includes any attempt to offend or belittle another player; players should also show respect to immortals. Punishments range from nochanneling to deletion.
B. Mortals who demonstrate repeated inappropriate behavior will be logged as "troublemakers". Examples of such behavior are, but not limited to:excessive and inappropriate yelling or arguing with other players over public channels, repeated complaints about one's behavior from other players, disrespectful and inappropriate behavior directed towards Immortals, or inappropriate arguing with Immortals.
C. Public channels are limited to converse in English only. Other languages should be kept to private channels.

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