DESCRIPTION: The class of paladins is composed of knights and noblemen/noblewomen warriors who are renown for their great fighting skills, bravery,
loyalty, and generosity. Although most paladins have been given vast estates by their liege lords or ladies, they frequently donate gold to their religions in order to aide the poor and destitute. Paladins are normally required to choose an alignment and religion, but because they live by a very strict code of honor and chivalry, they normally become members of "lawful" or "honorable" religions. In addition, they are strongly devoted to their gods and because of such devotion, might be granted special abilities by those gods. They are able to master several skills and spell groups. They commonly join lawfully aligned religions.

dodge, fast healing, kick, parry, rescue, shield block, spear, sword, creation, curative, healing, enhancement, protective, transportation

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