Player Killing

Player Murdering and Player Stealing are common in many worlds in our universe. However, in the world of Lost Unicorn, stealing from another player and murdering another player are not considered acceptable forms of behavior. In the interests of realism, the MURDER command is available for use. If one is provoked into stealing from or murdering another player, it is not right, not acceptable, and not unpunishable. But it is grudgingly allowed.

Stealing from or murdering another player will result in several consequences. First, the perpetrator will receive the MURDER or THIEF flag. This flag can only be removed by a Hierarch (Kennon, Allexia or Thor, only). In order for perpetrators to have their MURDER or THIEF flags removed, they must appear in court, either IC or OOC Court.

We want you to understand that we consider stealing from or murdering another player a serious offense and we will act accordingly. So, if you still wish to steal from or murder another player, we hope that you will consider and prepare yourself to live with the consequences.

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