DESCRIPTION: Long ago, Tamazi began the arduous task of collecting all of the knowledge of LUN to house in a great library. In order to complete this task,
he gathered the greatest scholars in the land, so that they may record all of their knowledge first hand into the library's annals. Although some simply inscribed their knowledge into the great tomes and departed, many happily chose to stay on and continue to record all knowledge as it became available. This group of scholars became the priest class. During the course of their research and studying, they amassed an impressive array of facts and information. Also contained within the wonderful library were many works of magic by long dead masters. With such easy access to these works, it is no wonder the priests possess both mage and clerical spells. Although they are considered one of the wisest classes of LUN, their skill of arms is rarely, if ever, deemed impressive.

dagger, dodge, mace, meditation, beguiling, detection, combat, creation, curative, breath, healing, maladictions, transportation

The ranks of this class are filled with elves, pixies, drows, and ghosts. Giants, draconians, and ursas find the requirements of the class more difficult to master.

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