Lun occasionally suffers from crashes and miscellaneous bugs that will destroy or remove all or some of a player's equipment, levels, experience, trains, practices, etc. One example of this is the rebooting of the MUD.

If you have a problem with a lost piece of eq, exp, level, trains, pracs, etc. due to a crash or reboot, please do NOT request reimbursement. These losses are so numerous and impossible to prove that the administration cannot realistically replace all the losses. It is a regretful policy, but is the only real one.

If you have a problem with a piece of eq lost due to a bug, you can request reimbursement, but it will be granted upon the whim of the immortal you approach. They may help you find the bug and they MAY help, but it is their decision. Begging, whining, or complaining will not convince them. Should the immortal deny the reimbursement of a piece of eq, the player should accept and respect that decision and ask another immortal.

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