Legal Rights


1) The right to counsel. The right to have an attorney present at one's trial is guaranteed. This is the only time that this right is guaranteed. At any other time any and all legal actions can be completed without any council present. Officers of the court and members of the sheriff's office are free to question you about any crime at any time. While counsel is free to attend it is not at all required.

2) The right to a trial. If you commit a crime you have the right to go to trial. While the sheriff's office may try to settle out of court and informally you are guaranteed the right to a trial. See help trial for more details.

3) The right to appeal. If you disagree with how your case was handled in any way you have the right to appeal. See help appeal for more info.

4) The right to free action. You have the right to use all commands available for your use. If you use any command that causes you to break the law however you will be prosecuted. See help pk and help theft.

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