Role Playing

Unlike other games, a MUDs (multi-user dungeon) such as LOST UNICORN does not end with the completion of one adventure. Rather it is a long series of adventures that ends only when players decide that they no longer wish to participate. Players' adventures on LOST UNICORN will carry them from the ranks of newly created characters--or "newbies"--to mid-level characters who are gaining experience and skills, to high-level characters and champions who often posses powerful skills, spells, and equipment, and finally to the immortal levels of angels and gods. The Land of the Lost Unicorn considers itself to be a role-playing MUD. We do not define role-play as some of the more elite MUDs on the net do, wherein you cannot make a character without a god's approval and you must never, ever make reference to "real life." We do not hide the differences between mobs and players and we believe in levels and experience points.

LOST UNICORN encourages players to role-play. WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY defines role-playing as "acting out." Players on LOST UNICORN should "pretend" that they are the characters they have created, to interact with other players accordingly, and to develop and grow along with their characters; this makes the mud more interesting, exciting, and fun to play for everyone. Astute players strive, much as actors do, to "get in character." Although the Lost Unicorn strongly encourages role-play, our definition is more liberal than on other MUDs. We want our players to pretend to be in a medieval world, and thus we have name enforcement and title rules. It is for this reason that it is possible to player murder (PK). However, we also want LUN to be a friendly mudding environment, thus we ban cursing on public channels, and allow global channels on the MUD.
Players who enter the realms of LOST UNICORN choose races, classes, and often later religions. By role-playing, they pretend that they "are" the characters that they
have chosen through their speech, mannerisms, actions, decisions, and the social commands--or "socials" that they use. These elements should also reflect the race,
class, age, and religion that they have chosen, as well as their current abilities (strength, intelligence, wisdom, dexterity, and constitution). A newly created dwarf
warrior with a good alignment will not "role-play" in the same way that a veteran elf mage with an evil alignment does.
Once new players have created their characters, they should read all help files related to their chosen race and class. This will aide them greatly in better role-playing. A
pixie cleric should read, for example: help pixie and help cleric before adventuring. Next, the new player should compose an appropriate title and description that reflects the elements that influence role-playing mentioned above. A good aligned character would not have a title or description, for example, with the words "sneers at you" or "wants to kill everything." In addition, players should read any help files related to a chosen religion.
Although some may consider the Lost Unicorn to be a "hack-n-slash" by "traditional MUD standards", we are trying to balance RP and HnS. Therefore, we ask that you please give every effort to role-playing. We will reprimand players who blatantly abuse this policy, such as inappropriate channel use. If you feel you must scoff at what we feel is a realistic balance, and want to be a "real" role-player, we recommend Armageddon (

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