The Sheriff of LUN are responsible for the investigation, prosecution and enforcement of the law. This person will appoint deputies as necessary to aid him in his responsibilities.


They will be responsible for the investigation of any crimes that are committed in LUN. The sheriffs take the responsability of dealing with all ooc crime prosecutions and appeals themselves. He or she has the right to question any and all individuals that are involved in any crime. The Sheriff has the right to investigate any case that they are aware of. Upon completion of any investigation the deputies will report to the Sheriff who will then decide whether to take the case to court. It should be known that if a case has poor footing or is outside of the statute of limitations (3 months) a case may never go to court. If a case goes to court the deputy will then be responsible for prosecuting the case in the IC COURT. If a case is appealed or an Immortal or Hero is involved the Sheriff will prosecute the case in the COURT OF LORDS. Upon conclusion of the case the Sheriff will responsible for the enforcement of the punishment given if one is levied. The sheriff is ultimately responsible to the enforcement of the laws.


The Sheriff is also responsible for sitting as the Judge of the civil court. See help civil for more details.

If you are in need of the assistance of a sheriff, please send a note to Khia.

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