In the realm of the Lost Unicorn there are numerous talents, abilities, and unique tactics that those who journey within the realm may learn. These are reffered to in
common parlance as skills. Though it is possible to learn these skills and become proficient with them through your guild- master, true mastery can only come through
years of experience. A list of all the skills offered to players can be found at help skills -table. In addition, please see help train and help practice to learn how to practice these skills. In help gain, you can see how to manage your trains and practices more effectively. Players should note that class specificity supersedes racial specificity. In other words a character's class, not race or level, determines the levels at which they gain skills, spell groups, and weapon capabilities (e.g. Drows get the "hide" skill, but if the drow is a mystic, the hide skill won't be obtained until level 93. Moreover, certain classes may forbid the use of certain skills.

The skills availible, as listed under help skills-table, are: second attack, third attack, fourth attack, fifth attack, backstab, bash,berserk, dirt kicking, disarm, dodge,
enhanced damage, engrave fast healing, haggle, hand to hand, hide, hunt, kick, lore, meditation, parry, peek, pick lock, rescue, scrolls, shield block, sneak, staves,
steal, tally, trailmark, trip, and wands.

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