There are powerful forces at work in the Realm of the Lost Unicorn. Not just anyone may see them, not just any one may know them, but for those that do the power is virtually limitless. There are some who may have only a glimmer of the magic surrounding them. There are others that will spend their whole lives attempting to master it. However you approach it, magic is not something even the staunchest of warriors can overlook. Those of magical ability can draw upon their own power, or mana, to tap in on these forces. Some spells are more difficult, some are simplicity itself, all can be improved with time and effort. As with many realms, the powers of magic here can be quantified into various groupings. Each one denotes a certain type of magical energy, and is used to shape spells of different natures. They can be used to cure or to kill, to break or to build, all based on the whim and ability of the one casting the magic and weaving the spell.

These groups are as follows: attack, beguiling, benedictions, combat, creation, curative, detection, breath (i.e. dragon breath), enchantment, enhancement, harmful,
healing, illusion, maladictions, protective, remortspells, transportation, weather.

Players are reminded that class specificity supersedes racial specificity. In other words a character's class and level, not race, determines the levels at which they gain
the spell. Players should therefore consult group tables before gaining additional groups.

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