DESCRIPTION: Resembling a giant praying mantis, these tall insect creatures stand upright like humans. Thri-kreens in the land of the Lost Unicorn usually stand about 7 feet tall, measure 11 feet long, and can live in excess of 35 years. They have a sandy colored exoskeleton, two black compound eyes, and short antennae. Thri-kreens have six limbs, the upper four of which have claws which allow them to grasp weapons and tools. Their chitinous plating gives them remarkable protection from blunt weapons, and a resistance to fire and coldness. Carnivorous with a taste for the flesh of elves, thri-kreens are nomadic beings, and usually group in packs to roam and hunt in the vast deserts and savannas of the land. They have the inherent ability to regenerate health quickly. Their minds are very susceptible to magic powers, so care should be taken to minimize contact with enemy spell casters. They frequently join chaotic or neutral religions, and are intelligent and dexterous, but not terribly strong or wise.

igh dexterity; immune to bash; resistant to fire and cold; permanently affected by regeneration and stone skin

vulnerable to magic attacks

The high dex. and natural abilities of the thri-kreen class renders them excellent gladiators and cavaliers, and good shamans, monks, bards, druids, and paladins. They have great difficulty, however, with the studies required for wizards and psionicists.

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