DESCRIPTION: Huge powerful bear-like humanoids are known as Ursas. On the other side of the world of Lost Unicorn, this race is as prevalent and as dominant as humans. Ursas range in height from 8 to 11 feet. They have furry coats of brown, black, gray, blonde, autumn reds, or white. Most Ursas have brown or black eyes. Although few migrate and thus Ursas on this side of LUN are somewhat rare, they are always looking for adventure. Ursas usually have a strong sense of honor. Their society is organized into families that group themselves into large clans. Small alliances of clans do exist but most clans fall under the rule of the United Council of Clans. The leadership of this council rotates between the clans. Above all, Ursas are highly loyal to their birth clan. Their increased metabolisms give Ursas haste and fast
healing. Their large size gives them shield block and makes them resistant to bash, but vulnerable to slash. Because Ursas have long snouts, visorless helmets are a must.

resistant to bash; permanently affected by haste

llow dexterity; vunerable to slashing

shield block, meditation

The high strength and constitution stats, and special skills of the ursa makes them excellent warriors and rangers, and good barbarians, mercenaries, dilettantes, warlocks, and warlords. Their speedy metabolism, however, makes them poor mages and mystics, and gives them trouble as clerics, priests, and thieves

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