Syntax: who
Syntax: who <level-range>
Syntax: who <class, race, religion, group, remort, immortal, or unaligned>
Syntax: who <class, etc.> <level-range>

WHO shows the players currently in the game. Some players may choose to remain unseen and won't appear on the WHO list. WHO without any arguments
shows all of the (visible) players currently adventuring. With arguments, WHO displays players of certain classes, levels, religions, etc. Note: classes and races may be abbreviated.

=== FOR EXAMPLE: =============================================================
Syntax: who 10 lists all players of level 10 or above
Syntax: who 15 20 lists all players between level 15 and 20
Syntax: who cleric lists all clerics playing
Syntax: who immortal lists all immortals playing
Syntax: who cleric 1 5 lists all clerics between levels 1 and 5
Syntax: who elf cleric lists all elven clerics
Syntax: who remort lists all remort players

[ 12 Dwarf War -- Unaligned] Jolan the Null.
[100 HIERARCH CO Griffin ] (AFK) Kennon, Lord Unicorn.

12 (level) = player's level
100 (imm level) = 'who' level of imms (92+)
Dwarf (race) = player's race (Races in all CAPS are remort-only)
War (class) = player's class or occupation (in this case warrior)
CO (priest) = player's priest status in their religion, if any:
Griffin (religion) = player's religion
(AFK) (misc. flags) = player's miscellaneous flags, may include: (AFK), (MURDER), (THIEF), or [IT]
Kennon (name) = player's name (see help name for more info.)
Lord... (title) = player's title (see help title for more info.)
HIERARCH (imm level) = for an immortal, shows their rank

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