Players who master countless skills and spells, amass vast fortunes, attain great power and fame, role-play with skill and tact, and achieve the ranks of Heroes and Champions of the land have the possibility of being granted IMMORTAL status.

Through their dedication and service, visionary efforts, creative tasks, administrative and maintenance duties, coding expertise, and enforcement and monitoring of rules and channels, the Immortals of the Lost Unicorn preserve the harmony and balance of the universe. There are different levels of immortality which may be attained; each allowing the Immortal to wield greater powers and abilities. Many Immortals are the Chosen Ones, Magistrates, or High Priests/Priestesses of their religions.

Mortal players may have little contact with Immortals, save when the Immortals themselves desire it. Yet, over time, mortals may come to recognize the various Immortals who spend time in the Universe of LUN. All Immortals should be given a measure of respect, for they have earned it. It is only through their continued selfless efforts that LUN can continue to be an enjoyable place to explore.

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