The Sphere of Time

Immortals in this sphere concentrate their efforts on the mud's administration and overall maintenance. Immortals in this sphere are responsible for maintaining the mud on-line, overseeing, the enforcement of rules, maintaining the help files, and all of the literally endless details that arise from the day to day functions and administration of the mud are handled by this sphere. This includes trials for crimes of all sorts, processing the player logs and player noted requests, rule enforcement like channel monitoring, etc. The Potentate for this sphere is the primary administrator for the mud.

Name IMM Level Titles, Offices, Honors
Oidhche Hierarch Potentate of Time, Magistrate of Tamazi
Kennon Hierarch Honorary Potentate of Time, Magistrate of Griffin
Khia Temporal5 High Priestess of Nycole Bolas
Maura Temporal1 Chosen One of Moradin, Judge

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