The Lost Unicorn Has Departed

It is with sadness that we must report the Lost Unicorn has left our land, never to be seen again.

Throughout its fifteen year history, the Land of the Lost Unicorn has seen countless people come and go. Many visited only briefly, some stayed a while to enjoy the realm and its people, and there were those who will always hold it fondly in their hearts. LUN had its ups and its downs, but it is undeniable that it brought a sense of family and home to many who played here. Unfortunately, as is often true in life, all good things must come to an end. Over the last several years, LUN has stayed running solely due to the generosity of two friends who never even played, but that is no longer sustainable. Lacking other feasible options, LUN must close its doors, most likely forever.

The LUN Yahoo! group will continue to exist, including the associated mailing list. The website will be left up in its final form, unchanged for nostalgic purposes, for as long as possible.

On a personal note..

It saddens me that this day has finally arrived, but I am sure most will agree it was inevitable. It is not an action I take lightly; it pains me deeply to pen the final chapter of such a rich body of work, experiences and history, but it must be done. I can honestly and truly say I would not be who I am today without LUN, and I will always remember fondly my time working (and occasionally arguing) with the fun and creative people who have passed through over the years. To anyone who ever played LUN, I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors… May there always be a unicorn leaping through your world.

Fare thee well,

Oidhche, Magistrate of Tamazi and Last Hierarch
Brian Gardner

Greetings fellow adventurers and welcome to the Land of the Lost Unicorn!

Land of the Lost Unicorn is a heavily modified Rom 2.3 MUD that places a priority on friendliness and enjoyment of a mudding atmosphere by combining the benefits of role-playing and hack n' slash. The immortals of this realm try their best to be responsive to the players by listening to complaints and ideas. Most ideas or proposed changes get implemented if they are found beneficial to the entire mud. The players are cordial and happy, and often communicate extensively on our many channels. Some mudders find this disconcerting at first, but we are sure you will come to enjoy it as much as we do.

LUN, as it is called for short, offers the new player 12 races and 12 classes and a variety of features too numerous to name. Additionally, we offer something special to those players who reach the 91st level (also known as Heroes): when you reach this level, you have the option to Remort. Remorting allows you to begin again at level one, but you can select from 12 new races and classes. Yes, we at LUN offer a total of 24 races, and 24 classes for the dedicated adventurer.

If there is a feature you want that we don't have, please feel free to let us know! We have left the original customization in, though most prefer to use the base skills and spells each class has in. We offer 2 'mud schools': one designed specially for players new to mudding, with which we have replaced the standard mud school, as well as an alternative mud school for players who are familiar with the rom code.

Although there are stock areas implemented on the mud currently, we are always in the process of designing and adding new original areas to eliminate the stock, so as to give experienced mudders new lands to explore, and new challenges to overcome.

One thing on which we do pride ourselves is our selection of complete and up-to-date help files. This makes us a good choice for new mudders and those who are sick of having to ask about everything. You will find a list of help files on this website as well so that you may print them out should you wish to do so. We also pride ourselves on adding to, and updating our help files whenever the need arises. There is also a question/answer channel on the mud for questions that you can't answer through help files.

Player killing (pk) and stealing from players (psteal) are restricted, just as in "real life". If you PK or Psteal, then you must earn a pardon with a punishment. We disapprove of and discourage PKing and Pstealing, but we do understand that sometimes, both are necessary for realism.

LUN has a religion system of nine separate religions, each led by a fellow player, which follows a mythical god and ethos. Please feel free to look at the religion section of the website to learn about each religion.

Anyway, I encourage you to read all about us and give us a try. Perhaps LUN could be a place for you to call home like so many of us do.

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