Aphrodite's Background

Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Very few mortals have seen her in the flesh, but the ones so lucky say she is the most beautiful woman they have ever seen. Rarely can they rid their minds of her afterwards. Of course, as love has many facets, Aphrodite does as well. Her followers must only be loyal to her beliefs, and to her. Followers who display a devout faith and loyalty to her are often rewarded. She has been known to intervene in the lives of mortals, generally in the name of love and passion.

Centuries ago, when men's minds were clouded by greed and anger, a small yet faithful coven of followers sought enlightenment. Their prayers for salvation went largely unanswered by the gods. Only Aphrodite heard their call. In a vision, she appeared to them and told them of a better way, unencumbered by the flawed morality and laws of man. "The path of goodness," she proclaimed, "begins with following thy heart. "Word quickly spread of her appearance, and devout followers gathered. They declared their commitment to follow the teachings of the Lady Aphrodite, root out evil in all its countless and unspeakable forms, be tireless in the pursuit of all that is good, and never allow the laws of mortal man to interfere with that pursuit.

Being of a chaotic-good persuasion, Aphrodite knows that to blindly follow even the best of mortal laws is no substitute for paying close attention to one's own heart. Because of this, the religion of Aphrodite is more willing than most to understand and even support members who find themselves in conflict with the laws of the land, provided there is an underlying good reason for their actions. Although they do not dismiss all laws as unfavorable, they will not hesitate to break any laws where the pursuit of good is threatened. For a mortal's life to be taken in vain by another mortal, revenge may be taken against the murderer, but a follower of Aphrodite must never murder without good cause. Aphrodite's followers believe love, the purest form of good, can exist even within the darkest of hearts. However, their religion fanaticism has little patience for those who seek only to disparage Aphrodite's name.

Religious Hierarchy

When word of Aphrodite's following reached the masses, many flocked to the temples to gain her acceptance. It eventually became necessary to create a hierarchy of priests and priestesses to lead her followers into the battle against evil and hate. Allexia, the first Chosen One, createda structure containing Magistrates, High Priests, Priests, and Assistant Priests, in order to delegate some of the many responsibilities entrusted to her by Aphrodite. To help counter the risks of bureaucracy and the excessive formality inherent in such a structure, she has been careful not to distance herself from the rest of Aphrodite's followers. As Allexia's successor, Rebecca strives to maintain the same standards, and closeness with all religion members.

Aphrodite's Chosen One

Aphrodite's Chosen One oversees the direction of Aphrodite's followers, ensuring that they are true to her vision. One of the Chosen One's main duties is to help guide Aphrodite's Magistrates in their training of high priests, priests, and assistant priests. The Chosen One always has the final say over all matters concerning the religion.

Followers of Aphrodite

Aphrodite's followers value being true to oneself and others more so thangaining power and fortune. Those who choose to follow her are expected to bring love, compassion, and goodness to the sometimes dim worldthat surrounds them. They tend to have a keen appreciation of beauty, both in the arts and in the natural world, and are also known for their love of music. Although their friendship is not given freely, they have a well deserved reputation as valuable friends and allies, loyal and generous beyond all expectations.

The race or class of a follower is not important to Aphrodite, provided she has their undying loyalty. However, she does believe a potential follower needs some time to learn about themselves before they can wisely choose a religion. Because of this, the Chosen One has been instructed not to accept anyone before they reach level fifteen. Those who wish to join the followers of Aphrodite should contact a priest, priestess, or other religious officer (PR, HP, or MA on the who list). They will be sent on a quest through which they may prove their love and devotion to Aphrodite. A person who is knowledgeable of their heart and goals in life will not find trouble gaining Aphrodite's acceptance.

For further information on Aphrodite, see help Aphrodite-policy.

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