Not much is known about the dark Lord Ba'alzamon by the common folk of the realm. His name, when even whispered, though, sends an uncontrollable chill down the spine of all who hear it uttered. His faithful followers are shrouded in mystery and slide past cloaked in the shadow of his evil.

When first our dark lord descended upon this realm bringing with him the inescapable horrors of death and strife, he chose from those who came to worship him a leader. This chosen one, upon whom Lord Ba'alzamon bestowed a portion of his great power, is the fearsome dragon known as Cougar. Cougar leads his brothers and sisters of Ba'alzamon to achieve the greatness and unsurpassed power that is rightfully deserved by our lord. There will come the day when the ideals of Ba'alzamon will permeate the souls of all who dwell in this realm and darkness will once again reign supreme and bring sorrow and death to all who do not call himself their children. While there is very little known about Lord Ba'alzamon and his faithful followers, even less is known about the three factions which are part of the religion. Cougar, through instructions from our dark one, has divided Ba'alzamon's followers into three sects. First, there is what is called the Hand of Death. These members are the most visible of the faithful, seen at times riding swiftly over the horizon on their black horses at midnight, black cloaks streaming out behind them. The followers of the Hand comprise the most powerful group of warriors in the land. These members are the so called muscle behind our Lord's evil missions. Of the other two sects, there is even less known if that is possible. The first believes in the Power of the Mind and legends are created from the horrible screams sometimes heard piercing the night as they perform their terrible experiments. Children quake in terror at the tales of what might happen to them at the hands of this group if they dare to disobey their parents, and even those relating these tales sometimes have to stop and take a breath in order to control their fear. The last group is perhaps the most horrifying of all. They are the followers who believe in the Strength of the Soul. All that is known of these is related in the tales of of souls snatched from the unbelievers and delivered screaming into the hands of our dark leader.

Though no other religion can even come close to the pure, unadulterated evil that the followers of Ba'alzamon are capable of, their demeanor does not reflect that. You could be standing right beside one of these demons and never known their true nature until it is too late. There is a difference between dark and foolishness, between evil and cruelty. Ba'alzamons children personify this ideal. To all appearances, followers of Lord Ba'alzamon are polite to a fault. They only make let their true nature show through when among one of their own or to the occasional person who has proven himself worthy to become a follower of our lord and has shown unwavering faith and loyalty to his evil ways. Any actions that they make are certain to benefit themselves and Lord Ba'alzamon in some way so personal vendettas are frowned upon. Be wary of assistance offered by one of these secretive sect for you can be sure that they only reason they would be willing to help is that they will also gain from it. Many are the unsuspecting innocents who have trusted in a follower of the Dark One only to find their soul stolen away. None but those closest to Lord Ba'alzamon can ever be sure of their motives and plans, but you can be sure that they are always plotting against the light and increasing the hold of evil throughout the realm.

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