The God Belial was once an angel. Over time as his dissatisfaction with his position grew, he discovered the darkness within himself and the potential for darkness within the system protected by the laws. Attempting to find a place for himself, Belial left the ranks of the angels to walk among the mortals and observe for a time. Over the course of his travels he realized the advantages of using the laws, not only for his benefit, but also for controlling the mortals. It was then that Belial decided his place was not to be found, but created.<

Returning to the realm he left behind, Belial used the laws and the dark powers he had strengthened and refined to establish his rank as a God. As more and more mortals gathered to worship Belial, he realized the advantage of having a representative in the realm of mortals to keep a close watch over his followers there. He called his most loyal follower, Thor, to his side and entrusted to him the powers to rule the followers as his Chosen One.

Thor served Belial for many years, instructing and watching over his followers. After returning from a long and dangerous journey, Thor was once again called to Belial and rewarded for his years of loyalty and service with a place at The Great One's side. Thor's powers and duties as Belial's Chosen One were then passed to another follower of Belial's choosing, Tara.


Followers of Belial, called 'Children of Darkness', are expected, at all times, to follow the laws of the land while maintaining an evil alignment. Loyalty and service are rewarded while disobediance is severly punished. The darkness of a follower's soul may be judged at any time and deviations are dealt with as the Chosen One sees fit.

If you seek the acceptance of Belial, ask to speak to a priest.

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