The Beginning of Time

Once in a time that has grown misty even to the most devoted of historians and scholars, the forces of Good, Neutral and Evil all existed in harmony with each other. As time passed, the worship of these raw primitive forces brought into being powerful entities to represent each of these forces. After centuries, when mortals first had need of a common law, the entities split into three different ethos each; lawful, neutral, and chaotic. There were now nine ethos representing the original primal forces, still being worshipped equally and in harmony with each other. For years these ethos were content to be worshipped in harmony with each other. Centuries passed before mortals began to lose this harmony. When this occurred, each ethos began to be worshipped more strongly than before by mortals in a vain attempt to regain harmony from outside forces. This made the ethos more powerful than before, but did not restore harmony. Mortals soon needed personification of this ethos in! order to have reason to continue worship. Thus, the ancient ones, and their religions, were born.

When the ethos took on their mortal appearances in order to rule those that worshipped them, each became what its respective worshipers expected them to be. From this time of change came the personification of Chaotic Evil, Graz'zt. Graz'zt's form was that of a great beast with the upper torso of a mortal, except the appearance of the skin was that of a great sea beast, the leathery wings of a great bat of the night, and the lower body of a hoofed animal. His head was unlike one ever seen before, having four great horns, two curled and two straight, and a mouth akin to a cavernous maw, filled with six rows of sharp obsidian teeth. Eons passed and Graz'zt roamed the land, personally gathering forces in an attempt to overthrow harmony and replace it with his own dark splendor.

Graz'zt assembled great armies of evil, promising each follower great powers for their eternal soul, which, after years of evil deeds and dark service, he would take into himself as nourishment. This way, each follower would become a part of Graz'zt, and therefore be given a form of immortality.

Graz'zt's army grew to immense proportion, and his goal of total chaotic domination was almost realized, as his promises of immortality held much appeal to the mortals of the land. Just as he was about to seize power over the land and all its realms for himself, the forces of good exposed his promises of immortality as lies from deep within his dark heart. Thus began the era of disbelief.

Graz'zt grew weakened and balance was once again maintained. When Graz'zt tried to again seize power, the other ethos pulled together in their powers and banished him to the dark realms deep beyond the land, never to be seen or worshipped by man again. Then they placed in the minds of mortals a fog of forgetfulness that they would forget Graz'zt and never again know of his ways, thereby keeping his atrocities from ever occurring again. As fate would have it, this would not come to pass.

With only eight of the nine ethos remaining, harmony could not be reached, and chaos ruled the land. Eventually, the eight remaining ethos realized their need for Graz'zt in obtaining harmony once again. It was decided that Graz'zt must be released and allowed to grow again to a power equal to that of the other eight ethos. It appeared that the harmony Graz'zt so abhorred was his salvation.

Once again free, Graz'zt began to grow in power once again. Mortals could not remember what it was that they had forgotten about Graz'zt, and his teachings appealed to many. For years Graz'zt lie in wait of a chance to once again seize power, although he waited and watched from within his realm now, vowing never to step foot in the mortal realm again.

Chosen One and Magistrates

Darkmist sits at the head of Graz'zt power in the mortal realm. Ruling those members of Graz’zt with an iron fist and cold heart Darkmist constantly schemes and plots the downfall and destruction of all others who do not follow the mighty Graz’zt. The Magistrates of Graz’zt are Darkmist’s second hand. Although trust is not part of his nature he allows those who wear the rank of Magistrate to carry out his plans and ensure that they are done as he and Graz’zt desire.

Nature of Members

The followers of Graz'zt are known throughout the land as the vilest breed of liars and killers, and rightly so. They revel in the deception and anguish of others, spreading death and lies with the ease of a rat spreading the plague. They are loyal to no one, save their fellow followers, and even that loyalty is more a grudging acceptance than anything else.

The chaotic evil nature of Graz'zt followers dictates that they will have an alignment between -1 and -1000. Those followers that maintain a more negative alignment are generally more trusted than those who stay close to neutral, and are often rewarded for their evil actions. Darkmist is oft inclined not to trust his followers, sometimes not even to be evil in action. As a result, he will often peer into the souls of the followers to ensure the darkness of their souls.

Becoming a Member

There are no race or class restrictions to join forces with Graz'zt, any one of a chaotic evil nature wishing membership will be considered, though, those that are believed to merely be disrespectful to immortals and abusive of others are generally shunned. An unaligned adventurer who seeks membership into Graz'zt should make every attempt necessary to contact any member of Graz'zt. If the member they contact is not a priest, that member will put the adventurer in contact with a priest. If can not be accomplished, a note to Darkmist will ensure further contact.

Unaligned players should keep in mind that, while members of Graz'zt will often watch for those with potential for Graz'zt's brand of evil, they prefer to be approached than approach prospective members.

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